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Terrific Site

I accidentally found your site and love your work! Even mentioned you in a short blog article at
Bob Gilbert

Superb Images

Hello Neale and Judith,just to say hello again and yet again stunned at your superb images which you always do,your gallery is superb and i hope 2009 is another great year for you both,bye for now Alan
Alan Green


guess what you've got the wrong indiana film-petra was in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade not Temple of Doom. good pictures though

Helen Tabor

PhotoShelter and your photos

I aspire to be the photograher that you both are. I have just discovered this passion and new direction in my life and find it addictive. When I see beauity captured as you have warms my soul. and drives to be better. Thank you for sharing your visions and beauty of the world. I'd love to find a mentor with your talent, here in Sacramento,CA.
Best Regards,
Sandy Silva


Hi, I'm a friend of Sue Buckley who gave me your site address, its great I would love to get more in to photography and your site is fantastic
Sharon Crockett

new site

Aweome !

Well done ? looks fab, feels fab,

Hugh Buckley

new site

Hi Judith and Neale

What a great site you now have and what fabulous images. Well done
Keep on snapping

All the best

Roger Antrobus

Hello stranger!

Hi Judith no wonder we have't seen you in ages, looks like you've been busy travelling! Lots of new pics theyre brill! Hope you're well, see you soon. xx Sheryl. (Pilsley)
sheryl hemsley