About Us

So it all started more than 15 years ago. We were in the same place that many people seem to inhabit. We both had really good corporate jobs, Neale was a Director in a large telecoms company and Judith was the manager of a large Pharmacy. We both really enjoyed photography but didn't get a lot of time to actually shoot pictures. Mostly at the weekend we just wanted to crash after 60 or 70 hour weeks. We wanted to make a break but it's not easy to give up well paid jobs, especially when you have a mortgage to pay! However, we persevered and finally Neale managed to move to a part time consulting position and Judith to a self employed locum role. It seemed like the ideal solution - we could build up the photography business part time without jumping in at the deep end. And it worked, sort of! We moved from 60 or 70 hour weeks to a 100 hours but at least we got to take pictures. We can hear you asking already - did we make any money? Well not for a long time, but eventually we built up enough pictures and contacts to start getting a small income from stock pictures. It's grown over the years and Neale finally moved to full time photography in 2010. It's even harder to make money now following the digital revolution in the Stock Photography world, but it's possible and after all the years we still enjoy shooting a spectacular sunset in a foreign location more than anything on earth. So what do we actually do - we shoot travel and landscape photography and we supply several stock libraries with images for use in websites, books, magazines, newspapers, calenders, adverts and travel brochures. We also supply a few customers directly. The pictures originate from all over the world although we sometimes still find the most beautiful landscapes are on our own doorstep in the UK!

We can supply images for commercial usage by negotiation (use the contact form). You can also order fine art prints in a variety of sizes directly from the website, paying by paypal or credit/debit card. These are printed using pigmented inks and have an indoor life in excess of 100 years.

The links section points to several stock libraries which sell commercial rights to our pictures online.

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